Why rehearsing is the key to nailing an interview

Preparation + Practise = Persuasive Performance

If you’ve attended interviews before, I’m sure you will be aware of some common interview questions that are frequently asked, regardless of the job or company. These might include: What skills can you bring to the organisation? What would you expect to achieve in your first six months at this company? Can you describe a time you used your problem-solving ability to resolve a work issue?

Despite the fact we all know these questions are coming, we still seem to stutter and stumble when we respond. That’s because it can be hard to clearly articulate exactly what we want to say in these scenarios when we have to explain our relevant technical skills, describe our soft skills and demonstrate our aptitude and our ability to work well with others.

So, just how do you walk the tightrope and swiftly define these skills in a tidy response? What examples will you use to demonstrate your understanding of the requirements?

It’s no secret – it all comes down to preparation!

There are a plethora of interviews tips and common questions available online which will help, but nothing beats researching the industry and your potential workplace, and most of all, rehearsing your responses out loud.

Don’t walk out of an interview kicking yourself for forgetting to mention key examples and points that directly answer what your prospective employer wants to know.

Remember: Preparation + Practise = a Persuasive Performance that may just land you your dream role.

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