Why is it so important to update the Work Health & Safety procedures prior to starting to recruit?

The labour market changed quickly due to COVID-19. Now that restrictions are easing, we can see there are opportunities opening to recruit new staff.

Organisations have always had a responsibility to protect employees, clients and visitors, but now they have a broader responsibility – that is to protect their families and the general public and reduce the potential transmission of COVID-19 or for that matter, any other infectious disease.

With that in mind, one thing is for sure and that is the same old rules don’t apply anymore.

Candidates are always judging companies when they apply for a role in that business.  No longer is it just about more money or even the mere opportunity to have a job.   Rather, candidates are looking at a broad and diverse range of factors including; work place culture, can they fit in, opportunities for advancement and now – health and well-being.

We need to make the necessary changes to ensure we all work safely in our new environment. The best way to ensure you are moving forward is to have an effective plan in place.

First and foremost, document a Risk Management Plan for recruiting, onboarding and the safe returning to work of your staff.

It is imperative that your Program and Plan is in place and equally important, make sure this plan is communicated to your staff and of course, your new hires.

The plan would cover the use of available technology for the interview process, ensuring whether they work from home or on site.

When working from site you need to demonstrate that you have procedures in place which would cover at least:

  • A regular cleaning & sanitising process with a focus on high touch points e.g. door handles
  • The availability of hygiene facilities, which may include hand washing facilities, hand sanitisers, anti-bacterial wipes and the like
  • Implementing protocols for visitors in the same vein as your employees
  • Appropriate distancing measures such as impose a 2-metre distancing rule by using markers, signs etc

The Recruitment Australia’s mission is to ensure we source and place the most suitable candidates for your needs and reduce the cost and risk through more accurate hire. Always working in partnership with our clients, we aim to fully understand the needs and outcomes to obtain the most suitable talent to meet these requirements.

As part of the Safety Services Australia Group, we provide our clients with additional insights into  Work Heatlh & Safe risk mitigation when recruiting.

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