What to consider if you find yourself in a ‘counter-offer’ situation

Recruiting for a new role is not something that happens overnight. Recruiters, their clients and candidates go through a series of steps culminating in an offer. But what if the successful candidate then receives a counter-offer from their current employer just as the deal is about to be closed?

While a counter-offer is frustrating for all involved, I have put together some questions and tips to help avoid that awkward outcome.

Things candidates should consider:

  • Before going too far along the recruitment process, have you thought it through?
  • Are you really ready to move?
  • Does the new role represent other benefits, apart from a higher salary?
  • Are you mentally prepared for the possibility of a counter offer?


We all like the idea of being offered more money to stay, but try to remember why you were looking at options to start with. If you are sure you want to make the move, have a prepared response to any counter offer you may receive from your current employer.

Sometimes the challenge of a new role outweighs the role you have been doing, so mention that even if the money sounds good. Of course, if the offer is very high, your former employer may persuade you but then you miss the opportunity to move to a new challenge.


Thing clients should consider:


Usually around the time of reference checking it can become clear that a counter offer could be made to your shortlisted candidate.


At the time of the final interview, ask the candidate if they expect a counter offer and what they would do if that occurred. This will give you a good idea of the intention of the candidate.

Remind the candidate that they would be perfect for the considered role and build some enthusiasm around getting them on board; above and besides the question of money. This will help fortify the candidate against any potential counter-offer.


Recruitment Australia’s role:

At Recruitment Australia we have experience working with clients and candidates to assist them through this hurdle and to get the best possible outcome from the recruitment process. If you would like to find out more get in touch today.