Tips for Writing Cover Letter

There are a number of steps to consider when putting a one page cover letter together:

  • As well as the date, make sure that your address details are included at in the top section of the letter.
  • Then list the name of the relevant contact person, the correct company name, street address, including the suburb and post code if this is on the advertisement
  • Address the person by their name if you have it. For example Dear Mr Smith,
  • Include a subject headline. For example e.g. Re: Position for OH&S Co-ordinator with Smart Ideas Pty ltd.
  • Your first paragraph should explain why you are writing to the company. For example, I am writing in relation to the advertised position for an OH&S Co-ordinator with Smart Ideas Pty Ltd that appear on …………
  • The second and if necessary third paragraph should summarise the skills and experience that you have that is directly relevant to the advertised role, highlighting that this information is detailed in your resume.
  • The final paragraph should wrap up by expressing your interest in the role and stating that you are looking forward to discussing the role with the potential employer in more detail.

If an employment advertisement says ‘please send resume and cover letter’ then send both.Iit certainly doesn’t create a good first impression if you can’t fulfil the initial instructions from the company and just send your resume.

There are no hard and fast rules for writing a cover letter but remember the client and/or recruiter wants to know that you’ve read and understood the advertisement correctly: you have the skills and experience for the role: you express yourself succinctly: you are keen to be considered and you are professional in your approach.

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