Tips for Interview

Show up on time.
This is so important and so simple. Do not underestimate the traffic or the public transport. If it means you get there early and need to wait, do so.

Turn your mobile/cell phone off.
This may seems obvious but if the phone goes off during the interview it may appear that you are not taking the interview seriously ……and don’t even think about t answering it if you’ve left it on accidently.

Be Prepared -mentally
Ensure that you do research on the company and position you have applied for as the last thing you want to do is ask basic questions about the organization and your role.

Visit sites that have a list of common job interview questions as there are a number of questions that are likely to be asked so prepare and practice the answer s. For example: Why do you want this job? What value can you add to the company? Why did you leave you last job a/ why are you leaving this last role?

It’s important to answer questions succinctly and to then wait for the next question. If you can think of one strong example to back up a question, use just that one. Talking too much and giving long answers are not going to help you.

Be Prepared- physically
Most people have a style about them and dress accordingly. So they may appear in business casual or formal business attire. That is a given. Now you are going for an interview that will change your life, so dress for success.

Turn up smelling like an ash tray, looking dishevelled and chewing a mint may give an impression of being disorganised, untrustworthy , irresponsible and incompetent. Please believe me when I say sucking a mint or chewing gum doesn’t take away the tobacco smell.

Bring an extra copy of your CV and reference list; bring a pen and notebook to write down any pertinent information or phone numbers.

Be involved in the Interview
It’s important be engaged in the interview. Speak clearly and with confidence. If there is a question you are unsure of ask for clarification. Because you’ve done your homework you are now prepared to be clear about your salary expectations

When there is a chance for you to ask questions ask at least one question. It’s best to come prepared with several question to ask and pick one that hasn’t been asked during the interviews process

Too Personal
Talk about way in which you can add value to the company but do not talk about your personal life- focus on measurable and work-related experiences. One can be friendly, warm and professional without going into details about outstanding debt or personal problems with former co-workers and family.

Thank you

Please thank the interviewer or the interview panel and thank them for the opportunity of meeting with them and learning about the organisation . Then if they haven’t already shared the next step please ask them.

Be prepared, relax and enjoy the process.

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