New year brings positive news for professional job seekers in the UK

Professional job vacancies and applicants on the rise in the UK

Professional job vacancies and applicants on the rise in the UK

There are positive indicators in the United Kingdom with research showing an increase of 21% in professional jobs during January when compared to the same period last year.  The number of jobseekers also increased at a rate of 22% year on year.  If analysed on a month-to-month basis, there was a 100% increase in January in new professional positions and a 59% increase in jobseekers during the first month of 2015.

Research also reflected an average increase in salary of 21% for those newly employed during January 2015, with those employed during February experiencing a more modest 19% increase.

While such a spike in demand for high-quality professional candidates is common for the early part of the year, a 21% increase over January 2015 is significant.  It was expected that the improving British economy would generate an increase in professional jobs throughout the UK at the start of 2015.

There appears to be a strong demand for professionals across particular sectors including those professionals with skills in the area of regulation with a shortfall of candidates being realised.

Strong conditions are also expected during the first half of 2015 regardless of any uncertainty surrounding the upcoming UK election and the EU referendum.

While there was a slowdown in professional jobs during February, down 9% year on year, this was decrease attributed to a timing adjustment rather than a drop in jobs.

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