Have you ever asked or been asked this question at an interview?

Have you ever asked this question or been asked this  questions at an interview?

From the perspective of the interviewee (the person applying for the job), there is no end to the suggested list of questions you should be asking at your interview.

Just search online; ‘what questions to ask in an interview’ and you’ll be inundated with websites, blogs, lists and articles on what to ask the hiring manager.

There are some smart questions, like:

What KPIs are used to measure performance? Or, what is expected of me in my first 100 days?

And there are some not so smart questions like:

When is my pay review?

However, there is one question that is neither smart or inappropriate.

This one question relates to you coming home at the end of the work day, to your spouse, partner, children, parents – safe & heathy.

This question is:

How does safety fit into my role?

One of my candidates was interviewed for a role recently with a large organisation where he would be responsible for and managing 15 + staff.

He asked the question “what support is provided and what expectation does the organisation have with regards to him managing the safety of the staff in the field?”


Then out came the motherhood statement, “we take the safety of our people seriously so would expect them to use common sense and stay safe”

The answer to “how does safety fit into my role” should never be responded to with a general feel good statement.

This question demands a specific, detailed and tangible response from the employer.

If they cannot provide you with a clear and meaningful response, then safety may not be as important as they make it out to be.

Each future employee needs to be aware of their Work Health & Safety legal obligations in the workplace.

And of course, the level of accountability will depend on the role.

Yet, regardless of the role, a strong safety culture is one that is embedded in the DNA of the business and everyone knows what part to play in order to uphold this culture.

So as an employee, it’s incumbent upon you to make sure you know and understand what support and guidance you will be provided to promote the safety of those who you manage as well as your own.

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