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country-flagsReports about employment opportunities often reflect areas of growth and also enhance business confidence.

While the reports below are positive, projections also vary depending on many factors, both internal and external. .

Candidates must also take into consideration how they become aware of available positions and opportunities and how they present themselves for roles.

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Recent published facts about employment opportunities highlight the following trends:

AUSTRALIA: In 2015, 16 out of 19 Australian industries are expected to be hiring far more over the next few years as the economy continues to strengthen and sectors like construction and ICT continue to demand high-quality workers. Industries that are hiring include Education & Training, Healthcare & Medical, Construction, ICT and Design & Architecture.[1]

NEW ZEALAND is in great demand of experienced and highly skilled workers. In the final three months of 2014 alone, New Zealand’s labour force grew by 36,000. Industries that are hiring include, Health and Social Services, Recreation, Hospitality & Tourism, Construction & Engineering.[2]

INDIA: India could outpace China when it comes to economic growth in 2015. Service industries like IT-BPO and textiles are experiencing the largest growth with 89,000 and 79,000 workers respectively hired last year. There is demand in IT-BPO, Textiles (including apparels), Automobile Production.[3]

The UNITED KINGDOM is back on track in 2015 and professional recruitment firms are reporting a 29% increase for professional vacancies compared to this time last year. Finance and the ITC sectors are leading the demand for workers. Industries that are hiring include, Finance & Accounting, ITC, Engineering and Construction.[4]

The UNITED STATES economy is recovering strongly in the wake of the GFC and 2015 has been predicted to be a year of significant jobs growth. In January alone, for example, new service provider jobs numbered 206,000. Industries that are hiring include, Architecture & Design, Construction & Engineering, ITC, Real Estate & Broker Services.[5]