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Recruitment Australia take a highly focused approach to recruitment specifically in the areas of:

Manufacturing: Keeping your production running can be a challenge especially if and when people are injured and need to take time off work.
Prevention is always better than cure!

Recruitment Australia has worked with numerous manufacturing businesses and we understand the specific challenges facing this segment.

Through our extensive network and experience, Recruitment Australia are able to source candidates who are well versed and qualified in WHS matters that relate to manufacturing.  Having the right person manage and drive your WHS systems is a pro-active way to ensure; compliance, training & education, reporting and return to work obligations are properly met.

With reduced workers compensation liabilities, your manufacturing business will have both financial and morale benefits

Logistics: If you’re in logistics, time and efficiency are critical KPIs for you.
Ensuring timely delivery of products with the most efficient use of your resources will no doubt have a positive impact on your bottom line.
Efficiency also means establishing and actively managing and driving your WHSQE systems.
A well planned, implemented and managed WHSQE system ensures; compliance with state legislation, training & education to minimise incidences and proper management of injured workers with the aim of getting them back to work quickly and safely.
Recruitment Australia specialises in sourcing candidates with specific industry knowledge and experience in the area of WHS, Quality, Operations and Environment.
With the pressures of running a logistics operation, finding the right people can be a challenge – leaving it to chance or taking the first person that comes along can be costly exercise in the long run.
Ultimately, your goals are; to have a properly managed and maintained WHSQE system, reduced workers compensation liabilities and maintaining your safety and quality accreditations.

Recruitment Australia will ensure the right people are on your team to help you meet your goals.

Aged Care:  The aged care segment has its own set of unique challenges and requirements in terms of compliance with relevant State and Federal legislation.
In an industry that relies solely on people to look after other people, having a safe and well managed workplace in not just important – it’s critical.

Your job is to make sure your residents are well looked after and that all relevant systems and procedures are in place to ensure compliance. Our job is to make sure your have the right people working for you that make this happen – a properly managed WHSQE systems, reduced workers compensation liabilities and maintaining your accreditation

Recruitment Australia specialises in sourcing candidates with relevant WHSQE qualification and experience and who understand the specific needs of the aged care segment.

Retail:  Your business is reliant not just on your customers, but also the people who sell and provide support to these customers. If your staff are injured and unable to work, this affects your sales ability and puts pressure on the remaining staff to pick up the workload – ultimately leading to poor morale and impacting the bottom line.

Having a well-managed and maintained WHSQE system in place will help to minimise any downtime due to potential employee incidents. With proper and regular health and safety training and education, your staff can avoid any work-related injuries resulting in reduced workers compensation liabilities and equally important, meeting your compliance requirements.

Recruitment Australia has the experience and network in place to help find the right people to properly and effectively manage all your WHSQE requirements.

Additional we recruit in the following areas

  • Banking and Finance
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Energy, Oil and Gas
  • Law and Legal Services
  • Administration

Prevention is better than cure – having qualified and experienced safety professionals managing your health and safety systems is the best prevention for unwanted, costly and unproductive work place injuries.

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